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  • Providing Health, Safety and Nutrition information, Job and Career Readiness, Education and College Access, Finance, Money Matters, Technology and Communication opportunities.

  • Peer Education, a youth leadership program that trains former at-risk youth to reach out to other at-risk youth in the community. We focus on topics such as healthy relationships, HIV, homelessness, Internet bullying, and making and sustaining positive choices.

  • Supported Education, working with teens between the ages of 13 and 19 who have current or past involvement in the juvenile justice system, to provide case management, mentoring, GED classes and testing, transportation assistance, job certification, and job placement.

 Job Readiness Program


The Job Readiness Program is a 10-week program for 90 mins one day a week.


We will provide career-related activities 

We will provide the use of computers

We will prepare participants to acquire, maintain, and excel at a new job. Basic employability skills include effective: 

• Communication

• Problem-solving

• Resume building

• Interviewing

• Develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success


Crossing the Bridge  purpose is "We care for people so they can be there best." The mentor program aims to ensure that youth are guided in a direction that will lead them to live a successful life so they can be their best at what they do. In doing so, we aim to reduce the lack of education, incarceration, drug addiction, and prostitution.


Program Overview


Pair a youth with someone that has experienced some of the same challenges.


The pair will meet once a month and participate in an activity. The mentor will also communicate with the mentee once a month.


There will be fun activities for all the mentees/mentors to participate in throughout the year.


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